Cool City Challenge will be implemented in two phases to ensure location-appropriate, scalable solutions that will transform participating cities into low-carbon “teaching cities”.

PHASE 1 - Prototype & Testing

  • Five Northern California cities compete for final selection
  • Create the COOL BLOCK program by synthesizing four existing proven behavior change programs
  • Adapt and localize the COOL BLOCK program to an online interactive eBook format.
  • Test the COOL BLOCK Program in three blocks in each of the three cities.
  • Develop Carbon Aggregator Participation Tracking Information Network (CAPTIN) web program, to include:
    •     online and gamified version of the COOL BLOCK Program
    •     localized and customized resource section
    •     carbon calculator and participation tracking functions
    •     collaborative consumption social media apps
    •     communication tools
    •     best-practice exchange 
    •     project management dashboard
  • Pilot a scaled-up program on 10 blocks in each city (the Cool Neighborhood) using CAPTIN 
  • Recruit and train the campaign leadership team, in partnership with cities and local strategic partners


PHASE 2 - Launch and Scale-Up

  • Create launch event in collaboration with cities and community partners
  • Work with community partners to form block-based teams
  • Capacity building for community partners: training in team recruitment strategy, coaching, CAPTIN 
  • Develop localized campaign marketing strategy and tools
  • Conduct on-site retreat with leadership teams
  • Launch campaign
  • Facilitate monthly master classes for partner organizations 
  • Ongoing consultation and coaching in use of behavior change and community engagement tools
  • Ongoing design, development and support of research implementation